split CS w/ Violent Gorge

by Misanthropic Noise



1) Moronic Endeavor
2) All Noodle, No Brutal
3) Basement Buttheads
4) Best Guest
5) Exploding Cop Trauma
6) Hey, George!
7) Definite Idiot
8) Flattering Flatulence
9) Total Hipster Cutie
10) Aggravating Redneck
11) Pocket of Intimacy
12) Sufficiently Stupid
13) Lucid Fairytales (Napalm... Duh.)


released August 1, 2012

Released for Misanthropic Noise/Gowl August 2012 Audio Harassment Tour

Frothy Purge 002

4 Track rehearsal demos of material planned for upcoming split 10" with Violent Gorge (Winnipeg). Interested labels get in touch at misanthropicnoise@gmail.com

Physical copies available for purchase/trade. Contact misanthropicnoise@gmail.com



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Misanthropic Noise Connecticut

Grindcore band from Connecticut, USA. Contact misanthropicnoise@gmail.com

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